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When you've spent as much time in the industrial construction industry as we have you learn what customers expect.  At Bayou Metals Industrial we don't just do the job we plan the job. We look for ways to save you money without taking short cuts. We don't just do it safely; we do it efficiently.


- Piping

- Steel/Iron

- Rigging

- Small or heavy lift

- boilermaker work

- pumps

- Civil

- heater setting/repair


We install pipe and we do it right. We install pipe of every size, from small bore to large bore, stainless, to chrome; we do it all.


Construction Management

Having the right hands on the job makes a difference

At Bayou Metals Industrial we have years of experience managing job sites of every size.


Petroleum fuels the world

We erect the pipe that moves the product.

Heavy lift

We have a saying around the office. It goes, "There's no lift to large or too small."


Utilizing the equipment of lifting specialist we plan and impliment your heavyest lifts.

When you choose an industrial solution, you also need to have the people to keep the wheels greased.


Bayou Metal's Industrial has you covered. All of our contracts include service and maintenance for the life of the implmentation. You'll thank us for it later.


At Bayou Metals Industrial we hang iron of every type. We hang structural iron, pipe supports, and build pipe racks.


Honesty, commitment and quality


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